Succeeding in school

Pamela 2014


Pamela’s childhood was chaotic and she spent time in and out of foster care from age 6 to 18. Before her mother passed away, she asked Pamela to stay focused on school as her path to a better future. Doing it all on her own proved difficult for Pamela, who was also caring for her younger brother while studying in college. She dropped out and without a home of her own, shuffled back and forth on friends’ couches.

That’s when she found First Place and began to get the support she needed to get her life in order: she got a safe apartment she shares with another First Place participant, she enrolled in community college, found a good-paying job and is now applying to four-year universities.

“First Place has been like a family to me. They’ve taught me the skills to be successful in school and work, and most of all, that when others love and support you, you really can make it.”