First Place for Youth welcomes dynamic individuals who are interested in volunteering their time and talents to support foster kids learning the education, employment and life skills they need to become independent adults. Join First Place for Youth as an individual volunteer or as part of a group of volunteers to show foster kids that more is possible.

Please note that opportunities are limited at each location, with most opportunities available during the holidays.


Workshop Support
(one-time commitment) Support staff and young people at a workshop. Possible topics include: job interviewing basics, cooking and nutrition, writing skills, parenting, and the arts. Workshop volunteers support our staff as they teach a topic and curriculum during a workshop. Volunteers can support by simply being there or providing snacks for the participants. Workshops are conducted within normal working hours: Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm.
First Place Events
(one-time commitment) Help make our events special for our young people! Possible areas for volunteering include setting up, donating/preparing/serving food, arts and crafts activities, donation/distribution of gifts, and clean up. First Place host events in all of our locations, particularly during the holidays. Individuals and small volunteer groups welcome. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Career Mentoring
(one-time commitment) Meet with a small group of foster kids to share the steps you have taken to get to your current professional position. Alternatively, host a small group of foster kids at your place of work for an informational interview. Answering questions about your very first job, what your typical day is like, how you got to your current position, and what employers look for in new hires is both practical and inspiring for our young people. Career mentors meet with program participants during normal working hours: Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm. In some cases, a background check may be required.
(one-time commitment) Help us provide much-needed services for foster kids by hosting a fundraiser or event. Possibilities include: house parties where friends and family can learn about First Place, retail/restaurant fundraiser where a portion of the proceeds benefit First Place, or a collection drive for essential items to help foster kids moving into their first apartment (i.e. canned/dried foods, kitchen and cleaning supplies, toiletries, school supplies, toys and electronics, etc.). Individuals and groups welcome. First Place staff will assist with communications and marketing of any organized events.