Where We’re Headed

First Place has an ambitious but achievable five-year Strategic Plan (2014-18) which will help us make significant strides towards achieving our long-term vision  of ensuring that all foster youth in the United States can make a successful transition to adulthood. The Plan is anchored by three interconnected objectives:

Expand What Works
We will scale the My First Place model to fundamentally change the way the child welfare system serves older foster youth. Key action steps are to double the number of young people we serve within California in our award-winning housing program and by adding services in one new county. We will also test the My First Place program in two locations outside California. Additionally, we will engage in targeted advocacy to lay the groundwork for more sustained support by continuing to collaborate with national coalitions, influence funding policies, position First Place as a trusted resource for key state and federal policymakers.

Make the Case
We will establish My First Place as a leading evidence-based intervention. Key action steps include pursuing a rigorous evaluation to demonstrate differential outcomes for youth and sharing successful principles with other practitioners to improve field-wide practices.

Sustain Success
We will ensure that the organization is financially healthy so that we can continue to serve young people with the highest quality service. Key action steps include identifying and securing a mix of 80% public and 20% private funding, scaling our programs and strengthening our infrastructure so we can serve more youth more efficiently and building our reserves in order to reinvest in successes.