2017 Outcomes

85% of participants had earned or made significant progress toward their high school diploma or GED

92% of college-eligible participants enrolled in post-secondary education

91% of participants secured jobs

And while 40% of foster youth experience homelessness by age 24 — 86% of participants maintain stable housing when they finish program

How We Measure Impact

First Place is an outcome-driven organization. We believe in setting high expectations for the young people we serve, and hold ourselves accountable to equally high expectations.

The young people who we serve come to us from a diverse range of past circumstances, which means they enter our program having widely varied proficiency in academics, employment, and life skills. The My First Place program is designed to help youth establish basic stability and, over the course of their time in program, build the fundamental skills that contribute to long-term success.

Because MFP is designed as a longer-term support program (12 – 36 months) with a gradual “on ramp” for participants, outcomes may take time to become evident, and early outcomes may not be directly attributable to participation in MFP. To more accurately reflect program impact the outcomes shown here are drawn from youth who exit program after 12 months or more.  The average time in program for First Place participants is 16 months.