First Foundation/ILSP

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First Foundation is a nationally-recognized, intensive program to provide intensive academic and personal counseling to support foster kids still in high school who are academically behind and in danger of dropping out of school. The program offers personalized attention and counseling in critical areas, including high school completion and college preparation, physical and mental health issues, relationship-building, self-advocacy and the development of independent living skills. This comprehensive support provides the stability these young people need outside the classroom so they can focus on their academic work inside the classroom and be emotionally and mentally prepared to transition to independent living after foster care. Foster kids in the First Foundation program accomplish strong, positive outcomes. In 2004, the California Department of Education recognized First Foundation as a promising practice and in 2005, the United States Department of Health and Human Services highlighted the program as one of 20 “best practice programs” in the country.

The First Foundation program is part of the larger Independent Living Skills Program which provides academic counseling and career development assistance in San Francisco and Solano counties. This larger program serves foster kids who have less intensive needs, but still require support and access to community resources and referrals, along with an array of services including job search support, weekly life skills workshops, family finding and permanency services, and ongoing community building events.


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