The Problem

We all know family is important. The caring support that family can provide gives kids a foundation for success that sustains them for the rest of their lives.

Foster kids grow up without a family who can be there for them. Through no fault of their own, many grow up feeling alone, and they struggle to imagine a hopeful future. For the 26,000 young people across the United States who are transitioning out of foster care into young adulthood, the future is perilous and uncertain.

Without the support of family to guide them through school and teach them life skills, they all too often fall prey to homelessness, unemployment, and poverty.


  • 35% of former foster kids will experience homelessness
  • 20% will be arrested or incarcerated
  • 54% will drop out of high school
  • 99% will never graduate from college


However, with the right support, more is possible for foster kids. Click here to learn more about Our Solution.