Who We Serve

First Place serves foster kids who have the greatest needs in our community, helping them find their way as adults and build a foundation for a bright future. On average, before they come to First Place, these young people have spent more than eight years in the foster care system and lived in six different foster homes. The following statistics represent young people as they enter our program:


  • 67% African American
  • 17% Hispanic
  • 1% Asian
  • 1% Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • 18% Bi- or Multi-Racial


High School Completion

  • 63% Received Their High School Diploma or GED
  • 18% Dropped Out
  • 17% Are Actively Pursuing Their Degree


  • 71% Unemployed
  • 20% Employed Part-Time
  • 7% Employed Full-Time

Their average income is $470 per month

Risk Factors

22% have children of their own

58% have experienced homelessness

52% have been arrested in the past