New Trajectories: 2017 Annual Report

First Place served 1,460 young people in Fiscal Year 2017. Our newest program in Santa Clara County grew to house 56 young people, and we expanded our capacity in San Francisco and Los Angeles through new housing partnerships.

  • 75% of First Place youth transition to a stable home after leaving program.
  • 96% of First Place youth earned or were working toward their high school diploma/GED.
  • 83% of eligible First Place youth enrolled in post-secondary programs.
  • 77% of First Place youth obtained employment.
  • First Place youth are three times more likely to earn a living wage than foster youth nationwide

Financial Reporting


Government 15,117,686
Foundation, Corporate, Individuals 3,365,770
Donated/Miscellaneous 107,666
Net Assets Released from Restrictions 3,345,018
Total Revenue 21,936,140



Program 17,501,685
General/Administration 2,288,657
Fundraising 1,000,306
Total Expenses 20,790,648


Statement of Financial Position

Current Assets 8,424,140
Fixed Assets 578,848
Other Assets 521,643
Total Assets 9,524,631


Total Liabilities 1,582,913
Net Assets 7,941,718
Total Liabilities and Assets 9,524,631