Young people from our program in Northern California had a great opportunity to participate in a Career Day at the Chevron Refinery.

The event was a great success. It was focused on a specific group of young people interested in logistics, refinery work, and hands careers. During the event, young people had the opportunity to tour the Richmond Chevron Refinery, learn about jobs within the refinery, observe the work in areas of engineering, oil testing, transportation of oil, engine parts, cleaning and testing, and many more technical aspects that go into the work at Chevron.  We learned about entry level, skilled trades, and upper level positions that someone could go into within the logistics field.  We concluded our time by hearing from a panel of Chevron employees about various their positions, career tracks, skill sets needed and professional development of individuals from their beginning steps to their current roles.  Young people were engaged, professional, asked lots of questions and reported having a great day and learning something new.  A special thank you to all those who supported with recruiting, preparing, and making the day an awesome opportunity for the young people!