Reports To: Director of Director of Education and Employment

Location: Oakland, CA

Schedule: Monday through Friday, evenings and weekends as needed

Compensation: Full-time, commensurate with experience. Full benefits.

Job Summary:

The First Place for Youth Job Developer provides:  1) individualized education and employment support; and 2) job development and vocational certification opportunities across various jurisdictions.  The Job Developer will build relationships and focus across multiple Bay Area cities/counties that will require special attention to partnership building in various regions with workforce development organizations.  By building partnerships with employers on the front end, we address the fact that our participants often must compete for jobs against applicants who have had more opportunities for education and work experience. These ongoing relationships increase opportunities for feedback from employers, helping to ensure the long-term success of our participants in the workplace.  Duties include:


  • Individualized education and employment support-develop job readiness, effective job search strategies and retention skills; identify interest and core motivation; vet and provide direct connections to employers; provide opportunities for career exposure and exploration through job shadowing and informational interviews; and support youth in developing and moving through the career ladder towards self-sustainability.
  • Job Development- cultivate partnerships across multiple jurisdictions with local businesses, industry organizations, public agencies, and employment service agencies to source job openings and vocational training opportunities; identify and solicit commitments from possible sources of employment; initiate ongoing personal contacts with a variety of business and industry representatives and job placement/training agencies in various geographical areas; research job leads, job fairs and internet resources; and maintain labor market knowledge and industry trends.


Engage and Build Relationships: Job Development/Employer Support

  • Establish, cultivate and maintain working relationships with employers, industry organizations, and public agencies to source job openings and secure employment and on the job training opportunities for our clients.
  • Initiates and maintains ongoing personal contacts with a variety of business and industry representatives and job placement/training agencies to promote programs for participant placement
  • Makes cold calls to potential employers
  • Explains the benefits and employment support services provided by programs to employers, including addressing employer’s special needs
  • Researches Internet, newspapers, agencies, and other resources for job leads
  • Collects data from employers related to job orders including job requirements and skills
  • Matches job skills with applicant qualifications
  • Refers qualified applicants to employers and conducts necessary follow-up when applicants are placed in positions
  • Keeps updated regarding job fairs and Internet resources
  • Participates in outreach and recruitment activities by coordinating and attending job fairs

Program Support (In Collaboration with Education and Employment Specialists)

  • Assists participants in assessing their job skills for positions
  • Administers and scores standard career assessments
  • Instructs in job seeking, application procedures, resume writing, interview preparation and job retention skills and attitudes
  • Arranges for interviews
  • Provides labor market and community resource information
  • Monitors participant performance on the job and counsels participants when job performance is not satisfactory
  • Works with participants to improve job performance and gain necessary job skills or reviews other employment options
  • Maintains contact with employers during the participants’ employment and reports results to appropriate staff
  • Prepares forms and reports related to placement activities
  • Tracks participant activity and progress data
  • Assists instructors in the collection of educational materials as requested


  • Provides program information to various businesses, and updates information as needed
  • Coordinates business orientations
  • Maintains contact with and assists in researching problems, complaints or concerns
  • Provides networking opportunities between agencies
  • Serves as a member of various committees as requested
  • Assists in developing flyers, brochures and other methods to advertise job placement activities
  • Coordinates and distributes information and materials for meetings
  • Maintains current committee member lists for various committees
  • Keeps current with trends and maintains updated labor market information by researching Web sites, attending meetings, maintaining contacts with various trade schools, and professional/community organizations that are involved in job placement/training activities


  • Bachelor’s degree required. Degree in business, management or related filed preferred.
  • Bilingual skills in Spanish is preferred
  • Three years’ of experience working with at-risk youth, preferably current and former foster youth
  • Ability to work with high level of detail, thoroughness, and organizational skills
  • Ability to lead teams and hold internal and external members accountable
  • Clear understanding of education, employment and career systems and resources
  • High level of personal accountability for the quality and impact of work
  • Excellent communication skills, professional demeanor, sound judgment, and strong organizational skills
  • Strong ability to represent the interests of the agency with community stakeholders
  • Willingness to work collaboratively, but with the capacity to work independently
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office 2010 applications including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Experienced with data-base systems. Experience with Efforts to Outcomes database is a plus
  • Availability for occasional evening and weekend work and some travel as needed
  • Must have a dependable car, valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance required

Core Competencies

Required of all staff for successful performance at First Place


  • Intentional use of data to improve performance
  • Possesses strong drive, initiative and motivation
  • Detail and Results orientation
  • Demonstrates good work habits
  • Resiliency in persisting through setbacks
  • Demonstrated success, with the ability to think strategically while executing tactically within a resource-constrained environment.


  • Seeks and utilizes resources to inform and contextualize own work
  • Thinks interdependently, framing the goals of one department/project within the entire vision
  • Synthesizes information to make astute recommendations and/or decisions
  • Prioritizes goals for success.


  • Creates an environment that maximizes the return on investment in others
  • Collaborates to set and achieve goals that comport with First Place’s mission, strategic plan and desired measurable outcomes
  • Creates and utilizes development opportunities to address individual needs and capacity to accomplish performance objectives
  • Creates and identifies opportunities for recognition of success
  • Provides supportive environment to learn from mistakes.


  • Courageous, strategic, clear and direct communication that resolves discrepancies and overcomes challenges and obstacles to organizational success
  • Ability to respectfully ask questions, challenge, and communicate both positive and difficult messages to subordinates, superiors, peers and youth
  • Sound judgment regarding the appropriateness of guarding confidentiality to protect the privacy rights of colleagues or youth
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.


  • Asks questions in order to learn and encourage dialogue
  • Willing to make mistakes and to be accountable for own work
  • Speaks about issues truthfully and without blame
  • Leads by example, displaying behavior that respects the mission, youth and First Place
  • Holds high expectations for self, one another and for our youth.

To apply for this position, please submit your cover letter and resume in ONE document to: