For more than 20 years, First Place for Youth has made it our mission to provide steady support that helps young people in foster care persevere through challenges and thrive in the long term. But to be honest, we never anticipated a challenge like the one we are all facing today.


The young people we serve are already acutely feeling the effects of California’s responses to COVID-19. They are being laid-off from their jobs, struggling to find essential items like toilet paper and diapers, and coping with isolation and uncertainties in their lives that, for many, echo the trauma of being placed into foster care.

We cannot allow these vulnerable young people to fall through the cracks in this time of crisis.

When you make a gift to the First Place for Youth Emergency Fund, you enable us to give our young people the support and resources they need the most right now.

Since March 13 we have:

  • Moved 50+ young people who were homeless or at great risk of homelessness into a safe place to call home;
  • Delivered diapers and other baby care needs to parenting youth who’d faced bare shelves at the store;
  • Distributed grocery stipends to hundreds of young people to help them stock their pantries;
  • Ensured students had the cell phones, hot spots, and laptops they need to access online high school and college classes; and
  • Spent thousands of hours listening to young people’s concerns, linking them to resources, and helping them feel connected, heard, and supported.

Your donations to the Emergency Fund will allow us to continue to see our young people through this unprecedented challenge with the same unwavering dedication and care we have always brought to our work.